Travel Q&A

What is the point of travel insurance if it won’t cover COVID-19?

John has been burnt by his COVID-19 travel insurance experience.

Are there new rules for COVID-19 cancellations?

Sam is planning a trip to north Queensland but is worried about his rights if things change.

Travel SOS: Do I have to pay when I return from overseas?

Kim is stuck in Thailand and wants to know the rules about returning home.

What are the current rules around holiday houses in Victoria?

Evan wants to know if he is allowed to go and live in his holiday house in regional Victoria.

What protections are available for booking a US trip?

Sensa had to cancel a trip to the States and wants to know if she should rebook.

Travel SOS: How your hotel will be different post-COVID

What changes can we expect from the hotel industry once it opens back up?

Travel SOS: Can I get into Queensland without a border passport?

If you don't have a border passport, don't bother showing up to the border.

What is an immunity passport and can it get people travelling again?

Victoria wants to know if certificates of immunity might be a way to restart travel.

Travel SOS: Can your bank recover money spent on travel?

Paul is yet to get money back for cancelled travel and wonders if his bank can help.

Travel SOS: How to give the gift of going

Gerard wants to turn his parents travel daydreams into the greatest gift of all.

What is the best way to travel around New Zealand?

Paul and his wife are planning a self-drive holiday around NZ and want some advice.

Will the ‘great Aussie road trip’ be for me?

Lee Mylne shares some great Aussie road trip resources.

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