Travel Q&A

Travelling through Turkey

Kay O'Sullivan address Jane's concerns about travelling in Turkey.

Female solo travel tours

Kay reassures solo traveller Maysara that she's right to take a tour.

Volunteering while travelling

Pam is keen to take on some voluntary work on her next holiday.

French walking holidays

Kay is happy to help Stephen with information on French walking holidays.

Touring Vietnam

Jane is wondering what's the best way to see Vietnam.

Accommodation in convents

Kay O'Sullivan looks at the divine idea of staying in convents across Europe.

Let’s go for a little walk

Kay O'Sullivan examines the pros and cons of walking holidays.

More than the Northern Lights

Beth is wondering what to do to thaw out after viewing the Northern Lights

Greece: Your travel Q&A

How will Greece's financial woes affect your travel plans?

Planning for retirement travel

Anthony is retiring soon but he and his wife have vastly different views of what they want to

When to buy a RTW ticket

Kay O'Sullivan has advice for Alison who wants information on round-the-world fares.

Planning a trip to the Rockies

Kay O'Sullivan is happy to point Sara in the right direction for planning her trip.

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