Travel Q&A

Travel SOS – Europe on a budget

Larry wants to do Europe on a budget but is not keen on roughing it.

Dialysis while cruising

Keith has heard of cruises that offer dialysis sessions.

Making New York affordable

Merilyn doesn't want to spend a fortune on accommodation in New York.

Pooling your frequent flyer points

Lisa's sure there's a way to maximise the frequent flyer points she collects.

Travel with dual citizenship

Kay O'Sullivan helps Jane work out on which passport she should travel.

Making the most of the US

Kay O'Sullivan has some advice for Joan to help her navigate a trip to the US.

Travel SOS – cruising with a carer

Tina wants to know if there is help available onboard for her elderly mother.

Cruising for solo travellers

Here are some great tips on how not to feel left out and avoid single supplements.

Staying in touch while cruising

Jeff is keen to stay in touch with family and friends while travelling.

Flying with elderly parents

Mary is keen to take her elderly mother on a French fling.

Should we still go to Greece?

Paul is concerned that possible strike action could ruin his Greek holiday.

Affordable travel experiences

Travelling on a limited budget is possible and we're often asked how it can be done.

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