Travel Q&A

Heathrow transit times

If the price of the fare is right, how long does it take to cross Heathrow?

Should I change my money now?

Should Pauline exchange her money now before the dollar gets any lower?

Save on UK passenger duty

A simple route change could save you hundreds of dollars on your airfare.

Passport validity

John can't understand why his passport has to have six-months validity.

Best currency to buy?

When loading overseas cash cards which currency is best to buy?

Do I need a balcony?

Cabins with balconies cost a premium but Jo Hall has some persuasive arguments as to why you

Avoiding jetlag

Andrea shares some tips on how to cope with long flights so you'll be raring to go once you

Dread of eating alone

Debbie has a few ideas which may make eating alone while travelling less daunting.

Should I travel to India alone?

Is it safe for women to travel alone to India?

How to pack lighter and smarter

Follow our tips and master the art of travelling lightly.

Argentina for everyone

Is there enough of interest for three different generations travelling together in Argentina?

Overcoming seasickness

Seasickness can be overcome with a few tips and tricks.

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