Travel Q&A

Is Thailand safe?

Joyce isn't sure if it's safe to travel to Thailand after the coup d'état by the Royal Thai

Freighter travel

John is keen to travel to Japan in a slightly unusual fashion and would like to know more about

Snorkeling without a boat

Snorkeling is a great holiday activity, especially without the hassle of a boat.

Should I reconfirm?

Louise is concerned that she may lose her seat on her flight if she doesn't reconfirm.

Does size matter?

Can't decide if a small ship or large liner would be better?

How do you get the best rates?

How do you get the best hotel rates?

Day trips for singles

Alma would like to take a day trip or maybe even journey overnight somewhere.

Overseas travel trap

A miscalculation has cost Russ dearly and he doesn't want others to be caught out.

Is 60 too old?

Steve is a keen walker but is not sure if he's up to the challenge of walking Hadrian's Wall

Testing the nomad lifestyle

Maeve is not sure they should commit to buying an RV. How she can ‘try before she buys'?

Will cruising drive me crazy?

Long cruises seem to be the best value for money, but is there enough to do?

87 and ready to travel

Peter is looking for some guidance on how best to get to the Great Ocean Road.

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