Travel Q&A

Beginners' cruising questions answered

YOURLifeChoices answers your cruising questions.

Best way to see New Zealand

Savvy Traveller advises if it's best to join a NZ tour or go it alone.

Savvy Traveller – Should I run with the bulls?

YOURLifeChoices member Trudie is considering some extreme fun on holiday

Managing your travel money

Sue doesn't want to waste money on unnecessary fees when accessing her travel funds

Cycling through Europe

Our Savvy Traveller offers some cycling advice

Savvy Traveller – Should I tackle the USA?

YOURLifeChoices member Roy is keen to relive his youth and head around the USA with his son

Savvy Traveller – Accessible travel

Jane has never let her mobility issues stop her travelling, but wonders if Machu Picchu is

Savvy Traveller – Memories of Vietnam

Having served in Vietnam, Mike is keen to head back to visit his old stomping ground

Savvy Traveller – Hitting the slopes

This week YOURLifeChoices Savvy Traveller has some advice for Sue who is thinking of hitting the

Planning a family get together

YOURLifeChoices Savvy Traveller helps member Joan plan a large family get together which won't

Savvy Traveller - Making the most of Europe by train

Some valuable advice for Peter to help him plan his European train adventure.

Machu Pichu made easy

The best time of year to go, where to stay and how many days you should budget for at this amazing

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