Travel Q&A

Does your credit card have airport lounge access?

Some premium credit cards have complimentary airport lounge entry as an added feature.

Travel SOS: Top five travel dilemmas of 2019

Ben looks back at the travel questions you wanted answered this year and picks his best.

Travel SOS: Can you trust Airbnb?

Cameron has heard a lot of Airbnb horror stories and isn't sure whether the platform can be

Ex-mugger tells all: who they target and how they do it

Ex-mugger reveals his secrets so you can stay safe in the streets.

Tell us what you want to know about travel in 2020

We answered a stack of your questions in 2019 and now we want to know what you want to know for

Travel SOS: How do you find the best value cruises?

Robert is confused by all the cruise offers that he sees and wants to know how to find the best

Travel SOS: Does travel insurance cover bad weather?

Melissa was caught out by a snowstorm on her last trip to Europe.

Should you lock your suitcase on international flights?

Andrew isn't sure that locking his suitcase is still worth the hassle.

Travel SOS: What happens when travel providers go bust?

Kaye wonders what recourse travellers have when their travel companies fail.

Travel SOS: What are the best airports to get stuck in?

Elaine got caught in Singapore Airport for seven hours and loved the experience.

Travel SOS: When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?

Catherine wants to tick off an item from her bucket list, but isn't sure when she should travel.

Travel SOS: Is there an easier way to pay for cruises?

Anne is struggling to save for her cruise and wants to know what options are available.

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