Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: Is there an easier way to pay for cruises?

Anne is struggling to save for her cruise and wants to know what options are available.

Travel SOS: When are the low seasons for travel?

Lee is interested in knowing when it is cheapest to visit various countries.

Travel SOS: What are the best river cruises for singles?

Paulette wants to know if there are any river cruises that offer single cabins.

Travel SOS: Why are holiday packages so cheap?

Adam is amazed by some of the deals on offer and wants to know the secret.

Travel SOS: Compassionate fares and bereavement flights

Leon explains how compassionate fares work and which airlines offer them.

Travel SOS: When is the cheapest time to fly to Italy?

Patrizio is planning a trip back to his homeland and wants to find a cheap time to travel.

Travel SOS: How do you avoid paying overseas bank fees?

Joanne is wondering whether it is possible to avoid being stung by high fees on holiday.

Which frequent flyer deal is best?

Would Andrew be better off in a frequent flyer program?

What are the drink-driving laws in different countries?

Mick plans to drive around France and visit its wineries. Has he made a bad decision?

The difference between carry-on luggage and personal items?

Pauline wants to know exactly how much luggage she can take on board her next flight.

Travel SOS: What souvenirs won’t make it back to Australia?

Margaret is going to Bali soon and is worried about bring back souvenirs.

Travel SOS: Which is the best seat on a plane?

Phillip is going on his first international flight and wants to know which seat is best.

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