Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: Do the Qantas bag tags work on other airlines?

Patrick has received his Qantas bag tags and wants to know if they work on other airlines.

Are there companies that do cruises around Australia?

Colin and his wife would like to tour Australia by sea, but is this even possible?

Travel SOS: How can you tell if street food is safe?

Stuart is travelling to China and wonders whether he should risk eating the street food.

Travel SOS: Why are planes loaded from back to front?

Freddie wants to know why planes are not loaded more efficiently. The answer might surprise you.

Travel SOS: Why are planes so cold?

Adam is flying from Townsville to Spain and has to take a jumper just for the flight.

Travel SOS: When are the low seasons for travel?

Lee is interested in knowing when it is cheapest to visit various countries.

Travel SOS: Which airline has the best premium economy?

Mick is planning a trip to the US and wants to know how to find the best seats he can afford.

Travel SOS: How to make the most out of frequent travel?

Mick has been travelling a lot since retiring and wants to know the best way to cash in.

Travel SOS: How do cruise lines handle food allergies?

Poppy is considering going on her first cruise but is worried about her gluten intolerance.

Can I get a refund after terror attacks at my destination?

Lisa asks if she can get airfare and accommodation refunds after Sri Lanka attacks.

Travel SOS: Can you sue an airline if turbulence is terrible?

Heavy turbulence resulted in Mary having a bad back. Can she sue the airline?

Travel SOS: What and when is shoulder season?

Andrea shares a comprehensive list of shoulder seasons in different countries.

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