Travel Q&A

Companies that do accessible travel

Belinda is in a wheelchair and want to know whether anyone specialises in accessible travel.

Travel packing essentials

Whether you're heading away for a weekend or a year, these essentials must ride with you.

Dual passport conundrum

Lee is travelling to the USA with a dual passport and wants to know the best approach.

Getting around the Greek islands

Susan is travelling to Greece and wants to know whether to fly or ferry-hop.

Travel companies for singles?

Travelling alone is never easy, but there are companies that try to ease the burden.

Coping with culture shock

Jess wants to visit Vietnam but her husband is a bit concerned about culture shock.

Best destinations for solo travellers

If you haven't travelled on your own before, these are the countries you should visit.

Can I prepay my onboard costs?

Carole want to know the best way to pay her onboard expenses on her first cruise.

Advice for a solo first timers

The top ten solo travel tips from the YourLifeChoices community

Travel SOS: couch surfing seniors

Bunk down with a ‘safe' stranger and save on accommodation costs.

Booking last-minute flights

Vera wants to know how late she can leave it before she books her flight.

Most common dilemmas of 2018

At YourLifeChoices, we love to solve your travel dilemmas.

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