Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: What is the best way to travel the Greek islands?

Susan is travelling to Greece and wants to know whether to fly or ferry-hop.

Are there companies that specialise in singles travel?

Travelling alone is never easy, but there are companies that try to ease the burden.

Travel SOS: Tips for coping with culture shock

Jess wants to visit Vietnam but her husband is a bit concerned about culture shock.

Top three countries to visit for first time solo travellers

If you haven't travelled on your own before, these are the countries you should visit.

Travel SOS: Can I prepay my onboard cruise card?

Carole want to know the best way to pay her onboard expenses on her first cruise.

Experienced solo travellers offer advice to first-timers

The top ten solo travel tips from the YourLifeChoices community

Sofa something different, try couch surfing

Bunk down with a ‘safe' stranger and save on accommodation costs.

Travel SOS: booking last-minute flights

Vera wants to know how late she can leave it before she books her flight.

Travel SOS: The top five travel dilemmas we solved in 2018

At YourLifeChoices, we love to solve your travel dilemmas.

Travel SOS: Seven ways to save on solo travel

Maggie has asked Leon for tips on saving money on solo travel.

Learn how to pack like a pro with our definitive travel-packing guide

Learn how to pack like a pro with our definitive guide to travel packing.

Is it safe to fly with Asian airlines? Which is best?

Sarah-Marie wants to take a cheap flight, but wants to know if she can trust Asian airlines.

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