Travel Q&A

Travel SOS: Bali, Thailand or Vietnam? Which spot is best?

Lisa-Marie is after some advice on how she should best spend three weeks in south-east Asia.

Travel SOS: How do I tell my relatives to stay in a hotel?

Is it rude to tell relatives you don't want them as guests in your home? asks Tony.

Travel SOS: Why you won’t get a business-class upgrade

Beryl wants to know why she's never been upgraded to business class.

Can you sell loyalty points that you no longer want?

Bob has collected a large number of frequent flyer points that he no longer has a use for. Can

Travel SOS: Is there such thing as a 7-star hotel?

Mirka has received a general bequest with strings … spend the money on opulence.

Cruise expert explains line cruises and when to get a great cruise deal

We ask a cruise expert to explain line cruises and the best time to get a good deal.

Travel SOS: Is there any way to get a free upgrade?

Val wants to know if there are any tricks to getting free upgrades.

Travel SOS: Can I tip a flight attendant?

We tip staff in cafés, restaurants and hotels, but what about those in the air?

Is it okay to say ‘no’ if asked to swap plane seats?

Burt wonders if it is acceptable to refuse a request from a passenger to swap seats.

Cruisin’ your way to the US is a ‘thing’

Charles will be happy to know he can paint the town red when he sails to the US.

Are cruise ships ever attacked by pirates?

Penny wonders about the likelihood of a pirate attack on her cruise ship.

A one-way ticket to nowhere?

Why does Carl need to provide proof of onward travel when he has a one-way ticket?

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