Argentina for everyone

Multi-generational holidays are ever popular, but when considering a destination as diverse Argentina, you’ll want to be sure there’s enough to keep everyone interested.

Q. Malcolm
My son and daughter-in-law want to take a multigenerational family holiday to Argentina with their three teenagers, my husband and myself. But is there enough of interest for three such different generations?

Argentina is such a diverse country, it would be very surprising if all three generations in your family didn’t end up with the opposite situation of having simply too much to do. Argentina is known for its steaks and wine, and meals are always a big part of any family holiday. If you stay in Buenos Aires try a polo game, as this city is the cradle of the strange horseback sport, or perhaps visit the GrinGo Standup Comedy in English at the Café Rivas. Steak lovers will enjoy an asado (barbecue), and dancers should visit the La Boca neighbourhood for an authentic tango experience. For local history and culture the Eva Perón Museum is a must-see, and the La Recoleta Cemetery, as well as containing the graves of notable people (such as Napoleon’s granddaughter), is beautiful to walk through during the day.

The Iguassu Falls are in the north-east. These falls are significantly larger than the American Niagara Falls and equally spectacular. The park surrounding the Iguassu Falls is inhabited by coatamundi, small mammals with little fear of humans. They add to an entertaining approach to the falls as they climb over one another in their curiosity toward tourists.

Puerto Madryn, on the east coast, is a great side trip, for those who wish to get away from the cities. There you can watch the Southern Right Wales, visit the Magellanic penguin colony or take a trip to the nearby ‘Welsh’ town of Gaiman, where you can enjoy ‘Welsh Tea’ (tea with scones and cakes).