Best river cruises for singles

I know that a lot of cruise lines are now offering single-only cabins, but these only appear to be on ocean cruises. I don’t really fancy ocean cruises as I find the prospect a little scary. Do you know of any river cruises that offer single-only cabins? Which cruise line is best for solo travellers like myself?

solo river cruiser

A. As river cruises have much smaller ships than ocean liners, single cabins are few and far between in this market. In fact, the only two that we know of are Croisi Europe Cruises, which does have some single cabins available on some of its ships, and Evergreen.

Evergreen has two single staterooms on board its Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle star-ships, as well as on board its France star-ship Emerald Liberté. Evergreen also offers no single-supplement on a variety of its Europe and Mekong river cruises.

Croisi also waive the single-supplement on a number of their cruises that don’t offer single cabins.

Unfortunately, that is the best you will be able to do, so keep an eye out for those that are willing to waive the single-supplement or offer a significant discount.

Avalon Cruises are usually very good in this department, often waiving the single-supplement for its European or Asian itineraries.

While Viking Cruises doesn’t often waive the single-supplement, it rarely charges full price and often offers 50 per cent discounts on the single-supplements for its river cruises.

Do you know of any river cruises that offer single cabins? Which cruise line do you think is best for solo travellers?

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