Boarding a flight without a phone

Eric doesn’t own a mobile phone and is concerned about Qantas’s new boarding rules.


Q. Eric
I read your recent article about the changes being undertaken by Qantas and Jetstar to scrap paper boarding passes. I am travelling to Canberra to visit family next month and I do not own a mobile phone. Will I still be able to travel? What process do I have to go through to ensure I can still travel to my destination?

A. You are not alone in your concern about the move to an entirely digital boarding process. Many people have expressed concern about the people that are not yet using smartphones, or like yourself, who do not own a mobile phone. There are also issues regarding what people do if their battery goes flat, or their phone stops working.

Qantas has not yet released the full details of how they plan to introduce a full digital boarding system or put in a timeline for this to take place. That means that next month you will still be able to board your flight as you would do normally.

Digital boarding passes are still only issued for those passengers who have checked in online. If you still check in at the gate or at a self-serve kiosk, you will be able to get a boarding pass printed for your flight next month.

What is your greatest fear with digital boarding passes? Do you think this is a cost-saving measure from the airlines that will lead to longer waiting times for passengers?

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Written by Ben


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