16th Feb 2017

Travel SOS: do I need a visa for Canada?

Travel SOS: do I need a visa for Canada?
Debbie McTaggart

Canada has made changes to its tourist entry process, so June is keen to know if she needs a visa to when she visits her family. In Travel SOS this week, we clarify the new requirements.


Q. June
I am planning a trip to Canada to visit family over there. I’ve been many times before and never needed a visa. However, I believe the rules have changed. Is it correct that I now need one and if so, how do I apply?


A. There have been changes to Canada’s immigration rules but the good news is, that if you have an Australian passport, you don't need a visa. You do, however, need an Electronic Travel Authority (eTA). This is similar to the system operated by the USA and should be a relatively straightforward process.


The eTA costs C$7, which, thanks to dollar parity, is about AU$7 and you can, as the name suggests, apply online.


It is recommended that you apply before booking your flights just in case you encounter any difficulties, but you must have details of your intended travel plans before doing so.


You should receive confirmation of your eTA within minutes, but in some instances, it may take several days to process.


For full details of the process, why not watch this short video?



You can find out more by visiting cic.gc.ca


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18th Feb 2017
Just an additional note, if you are a dual citizen, Canadian and Australian, you cannot use the eta, you need to have both valid passports with you, otherwise you may be turned away from boarding your flight leaving Australia.
18th Feb 2017
This is so true as CanAus said you need both passports if you are dual citizen. You leave and enter Australia with your Australian passport and you enter and leave Canada with your Canadian passport. I found this out last Aug/2016 when I got to the airport in Brisbane. I presumed I would travel on my Australian passport so got a eTA. But no when checking in at Air Canada they wanted my Canadian passport and Australian passport. I was so lucky as I had brought both with me.
18th Feb 2017
Another note to this subject. If you are entering Canada by sea or land you do not require any visa or Eta.e.g doing Niagara Falls from New York and doing Canadian side as well. Passport etc is all that is required.
18th Feb 2017
And you still need an eTA even if you are only in transit and even if only for an hour.

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