Cycling in Australia and NZ

Barbara is looking for information on good bike trips in Australia and New Zealand. Rachel shares some helpful websites, but can you offer local knowledge? 

Q Barbara
We are wondering if any of your readers have been on multi-day cycle tours within Australia or New Zealand. Our research has led us to some guided tours which are out of our price range. We are not Tour de France riders but are as able as most 60-year-old bodies allow folks to be.

We would be grateful for information on four to five-day rides that other cycling enthusiasts recommend. We are in Brisbane and ride the fantastic tracks on the north side regularly. We are keen to expand our horizons.

A What do you think, YOURLifeChoices members? Can you help Barbara out? If you know of a good bike ride in Australia or New Zealand, let Barbara know in the comments below.

To tide you over, here are three very helpful websites which give information about bike rides you can do yourself, not with a tour.

The first one offers 50 of Australia’s most magical bike-riding experiences, from dawn bird-watching to sunset beach rides. They vary in length, but they are all inspirational.

The second offers an off-highway guide to touring Australia by bike, with helpful hints and safety tips as well as information about Australia’s bike paths. There are shorter trips available here, so it’s a site worth investigating.

The third is the MapMyRide website, which has an accompanying app. It gives information on over 20,000 of Australia’s bike paths, as well as letting you plot your bike trip on its dedicated maps. This one is particularly handy because you can download the app and take it with you on your ride, allowing you to extend or shorten your trip while you are on the go.

Do you have any insider-knowledge for Barbara? Comment and share with a fellow cycling enthusiast.