Frequent flyer: what’s in the bag?

There is a definite art to correctly packing and managing your carry-on luggage. Here we take a sneak peek into one of our frequent flyers hand luggage to see what’s in her bag. 

What’s your carry on of choice?
By some miracle, given I am likely to take my entire wardrobe with me when I travel, I now usually travel with carry on luggage only as it really does make life easier. The point being that technically speaking I often will only be allowed my carry on luggage (I swear by Samsonite’s B’Lite 55cm Spinner). If I’m travelling in this way I will take my small Hedgren Shoulder Bag which fits a surprising amount for such a compact looking bag. 

Thanks to a new trick I’ve recently learnt and when I’m travelling with checked luggage I take a tote bag.

What one item can’t you live without onboard?
My ear planes! Not glamorous by any means but after bursting my eardrum on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney flying is much more enjoyable and pain free with them in. If your ears have trouble adjusting to the pressure, pop them in for take off and landing. You won’t look back. 

Are you a books person or team iPad/e-reader?
In theory I like the idea of e-readers and not having to lug around multiple books. But for me there’s still something about turning physical pages that means I very much prefer a physical book. However books can be hard to manage on the tube on the way to work so lately I’ve got into audio books … baby steps!

lady reading an ipad on a plane

Do you carry a spare change of clothes?
Yes and no. While I don’t generally carry a spare outfit as such I always travel in at least four layers – a singlet, long sleeve, jumper and jacket. I also never set off without a scarf. By default this gives me options whatever the weather or temperature and in case of any major mishaps. Sometimes I’ll also throw in my gym tights for comfort on long haul flights. Scarves are super versatile and can be fashioned into a skirt, sarong, dress or even a blanket on cold planes.

Talk us through your snacks.
First up, let me say snacks are the key to surviving travel. All that time in transit, not too mention unexpected delays! I like to try and eat as healthy as possible the majority of the time, which isn’t really conducive to eating airport or plane food. I always take at least one apple, and a few protein bars as well as a big bottle of water. This is enough to tide me over in case any unexpected onslaught of hunger.

To neck pillow or not to?
I’d love to say no – they are such a pain in the bum. However, they do make sleeping so much easier, particularly in terms of stopping your head from lolling about. Generally, if it’s anything under a four hour flight, it’s a no from me, and anything over a definite yes. And as for the inflatable ones that’s always a no, anyone else who has experienced one of them deflating on you mid-sleep will understand why!

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Written by SJ


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