Savvy Traveller – Should I tackle the USA?

YOURLifeChoices member Roy is keen to relive his youth and head around the USA with his son

Savvy Traveller – Should I tackle the USA?

Q. Roy

When I was younger I was lucky enough to travel across America and now that I’m in my 70s, I’m keen to go back and experience it with my son. I’m relatively fit and well and enjoy walking, hiking and cycling. Do you think this is a trip I should undertake and what should I consider before I go?

A.Savvy Traveller
I’ve no doubt you should undertake this trip, Roy. The USA is a terrific place to enjoy the great outdoors. I think the only thing you have to give careful consideration to is your travel insurance, as America is one of the most expensive places in the world to fall ill or have an accident. Some companies don’t cover the over-70s, but many do.

I consulted Zac Brookes, marketing manager of Cover-More, who says it’s essential you take out travel insurance which includes good-quality medical assistance cover. “We always recommend travellers carefully check to see if their travel insurance automatically covers pre-existing medical conditions, as well as exactly what the policy covers and what it doesn’t.”

He also says you should be alert to whether your insurance includes any special activities (whether it’s skiing or skydiving!) you want to enjoy, to ensure you’re covered if anything goes wrong. 

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