Travel advice for an 89-year-old

There is simply no reason to let your age prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of travel. Iris is looking for travel deals or packages suitable for her 89-year-old father-in-law.

Q. Iris
My father-in-law, Col, having suffered the loss of his wife three years ago (cancer) is now interested in travelling. We have been telling him about travel deals especially for seniors, where there are professional tour companies who fully support and are trained to especially cater for our golden oldies. Due to a farming and sawmilling life Col has not travelled much, however he is interested in seeing Australia. We have looked at different types of travel and he is open to suggestions. Col seemed to take a liking to packaged deals, so we would be interested in looking at different packaged deals from a few days to up to a fortnight or three weeks. Perhaps it is better to start with a shorter time span, say 10 days? He is open to various destinations in Australia. Col is an outdoorsy person who is interested in fishing and loved going to Fraser Island with our son – he is a real people person.  Col lives in a small rural town in South East Queensland.

 Do you have any suggestions or travel ideas we could show Col? We have told Col that although he would not know anyone when he first arrived that he would soon make friends as he loves to chat and is interested in the world around him – he is a fun-loving gentleman.  I noticed today while looking at the net with Col that there are tours which commence with a get-to-know-you night with other people and tour guides travelling on the same trip.

 A. Your father-in-law sounds simply amazing and I’m sure there are many like-minded people who would love to travel with him.

 There are obviously many tours which focus on Australia and we think that APT offers good value for money, as well as a varied range of tours for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Below is a link to more information.


Also, GSR have some simply stunning rail trips which can take him from one end of the country to the other, with time along the way to hop off and visit some of Australia’s most interesting towns. GSR also offers savings for Seniors Card and Concession Card holders. Below is a link to more information on GSR.


Also, your father-in-law may be interested in joining a club which helps like-minded people get together and meet before they travel. Below are links to a few I have found which I believe are near where your father-in-law lives.

Written by Debbie McTaggart