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Don’t wear this when you travel

Seven things you should never wear when you travel

Don’t wear this when you travel

We all like to look our best when we travel, but our idea of a ...

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Who loves flying and not dying?

Prevent cramping and DVT on your next flight

Who loves flying and not dying?

Prevent deep vein thrombosis and cramping with a simple pair of socks.

How to avoid travel disasters

older woman dealing with a travel disaster

How to avoid travel disasters

Here’s how to deal with 10 common travel disasters.

Best travel gadgets of 2019

The five must-have travel gadgets of 2019

Best travel gadgets of 2019

From stopping juice jackers to jackets that keep you safe from pickpockets, here are the ...

Travel tip most people don’t know

funny flight attendant

Travel tip most people don’t know

Certainly worth considering, or, at least, a chuckle.

Cheap Flights & Airfares

Pick these flights with your points

Got points? Here are the best flights to book

Points for flights

Best value air routes revealed

The best value routes, based on cost per kilometre, are also some of the most popular.

Fairest airfares

Qantas announces new baggage rules

Qantas has surprised travellers by announcing increased weight limits for cabin baggage.

New weight limits

Exchange Rates

Should I change my money now?

Should Pauline exchange her money now before the dollar gets any lower?

How low will it go?

Exchange Rates

Never be unprepared for the financial perils of overseas travel again. With the XE universal currency converter, you can track exchange rates from any countries currency to ensure you get the best possible deat when trading dollars for deutshmarks. Visit this website to use the converter. ...

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