12 packing tips you need to know


Even as an experienced traveller, I wouldn’t say I am a naturally smart packer. I may manage to get it all into my carry on case and find room in even the smallest gaps but I haven’t always packed in a precautionary way to avoid the troubles that can be caused in transit. 

Here are 12 tips to keep in mind next time you travel, to will ensure you and your precious belongings arrive in the best condition possible.


  1. Placing cling wrap under the lid of your toiletries will make sure they don’t leak
  2. Protect your razor by fastening a large bull dog clip over the top of it
  3. Travelling with bobby pins or other fiddly items? An empty tic-tac container is a great way to keep them together. Same goes for hair ties.



  1. Travelling with a hat? Ensure it doesn’t lose its shape by folding up a shirt and putting it inside
  2. Don’t let dirty shoes lead to dirty clothes. An old shower cap is the perfect way to keep the soles of shoes covered
  3. If you don’t wish to spend hours untangling jewellery at your destination, there are a few easy ways to carry them. Spare buttons are great for keeping earrings together – simply push them through the buttonholes and fasten. Thread necklaces through a straw to ensure they don’t get tangled in transit, or store pieces separately in a daily medicines box.

trouble packing a suitcase 


  1. Pack your heaviest items, such as your shoes and toiletries at the bottom end of your suitcase closest to the wheels. This ensures when you roll it along they don’t move around and squash all your clothes and delicate items
  2. An old pillowcase makes a great alternative to a washing bag while on the road. Similarly, laundry bags used to wash delicates can be a good way to pack tops or other groups of clothing to prevent them sliding around
  3. If you have particularly delicate items of clothing, roll them between two sheets of white tissue paper. This gives them extra protection and ensures that any beading or special fabrics won’t get caught or snagged on anything.



  1. An old sunglasses case or pouch is the perfect place to store all your electrical cables, including chargers, cords and headphones
  2. If your sunglasses don’t have a case and you’re worried about them surviving your suitcase, keep them safe inside a sneaker or other padded shoe. Same goes for perfume or aftershave
  3. Want a secret place to stash some cash? Try an old lip balm container or empty mints tin.


What’s your favourite packing hack? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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