Cheap Flights & Airfares

Virgin's cheap flight sale: One-way economy fares starting at $67

Business class fares from as low as $279, too.

Frequent flyer explains how to earn five million points

There's only one way to earn millions of points, but do you have time to do it?

New tool offers passengers better flight choices

Researchers have found a way to offer more flights that align with passengers' preferences.

Flights you can easily afford with your frequent flyer points

Got points? Here are the best flights to book

Best value air routes revealed

The best value routes, based on cost per kilometre, are also some of the most popular.

Qantas announces new baggage limits

Qantas has surprised travellers by announcing increased weight limits for cabin baggage.

Winter getaways with big flight savings and warmer weather

Wonderful winter getaways, with big flight savings and warmer weather.

Travel SOS: using your frequent flyer points for upgrades

Esme wants to know if it's worth using her frequent flyer points for an upgrade.

How to find the cheapest flights

Finding cheap flights can be tricky if you don't know where to begin your search.

Don’t fall into this flight booking trap

Some sneaky airlines will sting you with unexpected costs. Here's how to avoid them.

Are two one way tickets cheaper?

Is purchasing two one-way tickets actually cheaper than flying return?

Senior airfares

Many airlines have cut their senior discount programs but there are still a few around if you

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