Menus, street signs, transport information – this app can read it all

Menus, street signs, transport information – this app can help you read all of those and more.

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her plane essentials include noise-cancelling headphones, a solid Spotify playlist, sleeping tablets, an eyemask and a large scarf that doubles as a blanket on cold flights – i.e. every night.

With the way that technology is revolutionising how we communicate and travel there's been much talk about breaking down language barriers.

While the smart earpiece that translates spoken words may be some way off and likely to be pricey, at least there’s an app that can translate written words.

You're most likely aware of Google Translate – that handy tool where you simply paste in foreign text and choose the language you'd like it to appear in – but did you know that Google has an app that can help you even more?

traveller using google translate app

More than just a copy and paste service, the app allows you to translate printed text as well. Using the camera on your phone, simply point at the word(s) you don't understand and the app will show you them exactly as they appear in front of you but in English.

Anyone who's ever had to turn to Google to decipher a dinner menu can appreciate this really is a game changer when it comes to travel. And not just for menus - street signs, transport information, hotel documentation - the opportunities are endless when it comes to what you will now be able to read and understand in a matter of seconds.

A must try on your next foreign trip - this is one app that truly will make the world

your oyster.

RRP: Free from Apple iTunes and Google Play



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    27th May 2017
    Could you please give us the name of the app?
    27th May 2017
    My thoughts too
    27th May 2017
    It's in the photo - Google Translate.
    Should have gone to spec savers - sorry.
    The app is OK but not brilliant; I always cross check with Bing Translate.
    The differences are sometime interesting.
    Good luck
    27th May 2017
    This article says: "You're most likely aware of Google Translate - BUT Google has an app that can help you even more". So this is an app other than Google Translate. But this app is not named anywhere in the article???
    27th May 2017
    I have read this segment in the same way as you David and wanting the name of the new app (not google translate)
    27th May 2017
    I have just been in to look at the "google translate" app and in its description it says that you can point your camera at signs, etc and that it will translate. Why didn't I research this first!
    28th May 2017
    I agree with David, this article is very poorly written.

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