Don’t trust TripAdvisor? Meet Foursquare

If you’re tired of TripAdvisor’s ranty reviews you need to download this app instead.

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SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her required holiday reading is Collective magazine, a great new fiction novel or a personal development book. Unlike photos, she feels you can never be over-developed.

To me, TripAdvisor is synonymous with the stereotypical ‘traveller’ who mainly takes group or coach tours, goes to all the tourist sites and stays in large hotel chains. Should they find their way to a local haunt for a meal, their review is probably scathing as it doesn’t match what they would expect from their local restaurant.

While this is clearly a huge generalisation, it can be hard to trust TripAdvisor’s reviews as the demographic isn’t always target rich in terms of those whose opinions you would want to listen to.

Foursquare’s City Guide App takes the concept of TripAdvisor to a whole, new trustworthy level. With the ability to search for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, nightlife or things to do, unlike TripAdvisor you can rest assured you’re joining a community of people who love to explore and hunt down hidden gems. Promising no negative rants or businesses paying for positive reviews, you can even follow friends, brands or experts to help ensure you get the tips and suggestions you trust that are best suited to you.

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Foursquare City Guide also allows you to make lists of places you want to go and keep a history of places to which you’ve been. You can add tastes and rate places, which all helps the lifelog feature to offer you personalised recommendations.

The perfect solution to the concept of TripAdvisor without all the drawbacks, why not give Foursquare City Guide a go on your next trip.

RRP: Free from the Apple Store and Google Play

Find out more at Foursquare



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    3rd Jun 2017
    Who is four square paying for this advice?
    3rd Jun 2017
    OMG. I don't know how you have a paid position as a travel writer. Every time I read your posts, I am gobsmacked by your ridiculous and ill informed comments. Obviously, you are benefiting from recommending Foursquare City Guide. I have been travelling for 40yrs as an independent traveller and have seen most of the world. I am definitely not your so-called stereotypical traveller, and I use Trip Advisor regularly. Of course, I ignore those negative comments by people who expect 5stars when paying for 2. It's called using common sense SJ! If the same negative comment keeps popping up, then it is time to pay closer attention. I would like to know just how you think you know what type of traveller is using and commenting on Trip Adviser. As usual, you make sweeping statements that are just plainly incorrect!!
    3rd Jun 2017
    The ridiculous comments are one thing but if you check online you will see complaints from people who have had real comments pulled. Tripadvisor is good but don't be surprised if you go to rental accommodation which got glowing reports only to find it is quite average. We found this out the hard way.
    3rd Jun 2017
    Good comments Calcutta, I have seen negative accommodation comments on Trip advisor as one would expect there to be. SJ comes across as a bit of a bimbo from time to time.
    3rd Jun 2017
    How can they possibly promise no negative rants! Because their feedback is only from non tourists who love to explore and are therefore more positive? I've been ripped off in local haunts just as I've been in tourist traps. I've also had a great time in both
    3rd Jun 2017
    Good balanced account Sundays.
    3rd Jun 2017
    I though Foursquare was a lie?
    Tripadvisor is good but not to be trusted because Tripadvisor has become a seller of accommodation, so some of the bad reviews are moderated. That means removed to mostly rosy picture.
    Only to be used as a general guide. Don't trust the information as you may be disappointed.
    3rd Jun 2017
    I meant 'pie'.
    3rd Jun 2017
    Foursquare doesn't seem to report on accommodation anyway which is a big part of Trip Adviser's activity.
    3rd Jun 2017
    Foursquare doesn't seem to report on accommodation anyway which is a big part of Trip Adviser's activity.
    3rd Jun 2017
    I always feel I can depend on ' Your Life Choices' for dependable advice. Am I being completely silly ? Is it just a lot of promo stuff ?
    4th Jun 2017
    Why does Foursquare want access to my
    Wifi connection information
    Bluetooth connection information
    seems a bit too invasive for a app that is supposed to supply me with information ?
    I will not be trying this app out !
    1st Sep 2018
    I never travel on tour groups, and l write on TripAdvisor all the time. I look at resorts and hotels on there site before l book. I post the truth about restaurants and hotels for other travellers.

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