Eight controversial travel gadgets

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Travelling is wonderful, awe-inspiring, incredible and amazing, but it can also be uncomfortable and downright dirty.

Sometimes a travel gadget can make a big difference. Sometimes they’re unnecessary, bizarre, or just plain disrespectful. Here are eight about which we just can’t make up our minds.

UV flashlight
Germaphobes, rejoice. Or recoil …

You can now shine a UV flashlight over your airport bench, airplane seat, or hotel pillow to pick up invisible stains.

When ultraviolet light hits certain items such as paints, dyes, minerals and body fluids they can fluoresce. Meaning you’ll know exactly where, and how much to clean.

Or is it better just not to know?

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Airplane seat cover

Keen to create a barrier between you and the seat? Whether you aren’t taking any chances against bedbugs or you’re taking extra precautions when it comes to allergies, an airplane seat cover can be helpful. 

If you’re worried about what the person behind you might think, know that the cover is designed to prevent obstruction of the seatback entertainment system.

Cuff savers
On The Cuff absorbent bracelets stop your cuffs from getting wet while washing your hands. They do require a tight fit though; the website advises to ‘push cuffs up your arm if needed’.

Seems the answer is in there somewhere. However, their malleable nature means they are very packable.

Emergency underpants

Emergency Underpants are always there for you when you need them. Or you could just pack a few extra pairs of your own.

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Selfie sticks
In the history of travel accessories, there has never been a more divisive topic than the selfie stick. Great for taking photos of your whole group but bad for other people’s view. They’ve even been banned from some museums and landmarks.

Ostrich pillow

This cocoon-like pillow claims to provide absolute comfort to disconnect from the world. It blocks out light while allowing you to breathe easily through a nose and mouth window.

It’s often marketed as a ‘travel pillow for airplane flying’ but I think you’ll get a lot of hostility from your seatmates if you tried to use it on a flight.

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Face cradle

Regardless of whether or not the Face Cradle looks comfortable, there are a lot of features that will likely annoy the people around you. The pillow has to be strapped around your headrest, potentially blocking the entertainment system for the person behind you.

It’s also quite large, which makes it difficult for passengers to slide past without waking you up anyway.

But apparently, it works.

Armrest divider
Armrests can be a touchy subject when flying. I think the window and aisle seats have their own advantages so the middle should get both armrests, but you may disagree.

Armrest dividers make a barrier that will help you claim your armrest but they typically favour one side so your seatmate might not be too happy.

What do you think of these controversial travel gadgets? Are there any that you would use? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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