Gadgets to make travel safer


When you’re walking around your home city, it’s often not too difficult to tell the locals from the tourists. When you’re walking around a foreign city, chances are that the locals there think the same of you. 


Standing out like that makes you a prime target for thieves and scammers. Being mugged, scammed, robbed or ripped off can turn any dream holiday into your worst nightmare.  


Today we feature five travel gadgets that can help save you from such insidious occasions and keep your holiday safe and secure. 


Anti-theft bag
One of the best travel accessories I’ve ever bought was my anti-theft travel bag. It’s got radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection, cut-proof material and straps, external and internal pockets aplenty (as well as a few cheeky hidden stash spots) and is quite inconspicuous. Anti-theft travel bags and wallets make it nigh on impossible for identity thieves to scan your cards; and when wearing it across your body, will keep your cash, cards, passport, phone and camera easily accessible and secure. 


anti theft bags

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Anti-theft straps
If you’re a budding travel photographer travelling with a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera or even a smaller digital camera, a theft-proof strap is a must for keeping it around your neck. 

anti theft straps


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Wearable personal alarms
Personal alarms are available in the guise of keychains, bracelets, necklaces, watches and other wearables, and are great for anyone worried about being accosted in the big city (or anywhere else for that matter). 

personal alarm


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Portable door locks
Whenever you’re in a hotel room, it’s wise to snip the lock and pop on the security latch. And as safe as you think you are, there are still stories where thieves have somehow bypassed these systems. While you could shove a chair against the door, or try the old bent fork jammed in the door trick, you could instead try a portable door lock. They’re simple to use, lightweight, easy to remove in case of emergency, and make your hotel door almost impervious. 


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Savvy stash spots
Constantly pulling cash from a body belt is as obvious to thieves as, well, constantly pulling cash from a body belt. Normal products that most people will have around the house, such as lip balm containers, sunscreen bottles, balls, cigarette cases, tampon packets and even fake blood-stained handkerchiefs are a great way to hide travel money and valuable jewellery – and they’re super cheap, too! 

money stash spot


Can you recommend and safety focused travel gadgets?


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