Travel Gadget: wifi wherever you go

If you really need to stay connected, this gadget is for you.

Travel Gadget: wifi wherever you go

While some of us like to disconnect while travelling, others feel the need to stay connected. Maybe you like to stream movies, keep in touch with the folks back home, share photos or research your surroundings as you explore the world. Maybe you just love having the freedom to communicate with the outside world regardless of where you are.

Introducing the Skyroam Solis, a wifi hotspot hub that fits in your pocket. This portable hub allows you to tap into 4G data in over 130 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. It can support up to five devices at once and also doubles as a portable charger for your tablet or phone. With 16 hours of battery life, the Skyroam Solis is a simple way to stay online all day long. It costs $9 per day on top of purchase price, which buys you 24 hours of unlimited data, and you can pay as you use it, so you can switch off or plug in as needed.

Would you purchase a portable wifi hub to keep in touch with the outside world as you go? What would you use it for?



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    25th May 2019
    It's soon going to be difficult to get away from wifi. The effects on our health will become obvious in years to come. We will have to pay to get away from wifi
    25th May 2019
    If you are considering this, please check reviews on the Amazon website, which you are directed to. Remember the old adage Buyer Beware!
    25th May 2019
    Not at $9.00 a day.
    10th Aug 2019
    Forget this one any frankly most of the 'add on' devices for international roaming. I've tried a number of them and the set up and trouble each time you move to a different location is cumbersome and the signals weaker than through a normal phone company sim. The only exception I have found is E-Kit which is easy to connect, reasonable cost and easy to maintain trip after trip without having to make frequent calls to keep it valid. It still sometimes needs manual rather than automatic connection to the provider.
    Just remember too with the Skyroam its US9.00 daily; at the present rate of exchange that's around Aus$13.24 per day. The woman using it is in a remote location indicating it can be used anywhere but it's still a terrestrial device and if there isn't a phone or data signal it won't work and according to many of the reviews it doesn't always work anywhere!
    10th Aug 2019
    Just another point, you usually can't phone over a Wi-Fi signal, they are data only connections.

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