Travel gadget: Gogobot trumps Tripadvisor

There’s a website that compiles the best “word-of-mouth” travel recommendations.

Travel gadget: Gogobot trumps Tripadvisor

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her travel low point was buying a Beijing guidebook for her visit to Thailand in 2007. Thankfully her geography has improved since then.

It’s no secret that the best travel recommendations rarely come from a guidebook and are instead the ones given to you by friends or family who have been to the destination previously. The challenge however, lies in collecting and collating these as often friends promise to send tips with the best intentions and then life gets in the way and you find yourself in a new city with no tips, crawling back to your guidebook.

Thankfully, this is where Gogobot comes in. A website essentially for ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, it collates reviews submitted by thousands of travellers with the end result being a summary of popular attractions, restaurants, and hotels for major travel destinations around the world that wasn’t written by the Lonely Planet.

If you think it sounds like TripAdvisor it does, however the key difference is unlike TripAdvisor, where you’re never quite sure what type of man or mouse has written the review, Gogobot uses Tribes to ensure that you get the most relevant suggestions for you.

Each listed destination, attraction, hotel and restaurant not only has reviews but percentages of which Tribes like it the most. With a Tribe for everything from Adventure, Art, and Foodies to History Buffs and Spiritual Seekers the ‘Explore by Tribes’ function allows you to filter suggestions according to your interests.

Gogobot members can also join Tribes they relate to comprised of like-minded travellers with similar interests and ask questions, to help with planning a trip, in the respective forums.

Solving one of my major pet hates about TripAdvisor, never again will you pass on a hotel or restaurant because it wasn’t the same standard as Joe from America expects from the Hilton.

Start planning your next trip at Gogobot.

Do you have any other great sites that you rely on when it comes to planning your itinerary and accommodation? We’d love to hear them in the comments.



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    29th Oct 2016
    You also need to mention that some reviews are pulled from Tripadvisor when they give an accurate picture. I have read online that others have noticed this as well so there is no assurance that what you are reading is factual. I see this as a big disadvantage of Tripadvisor and I have to give comments a 50% weighting when I read glaring testimonials.
    Tripadvisor should be giving all comments unless they lack substance or are clearly malicious. Giving a true appraisal is never unfair and it soon becomes apparent from other travellers if a comment is on the money or otherwise.
    29th Oct 2016
    "You also need to mention that some reviews are pulled from Tripadvisor when they give an accurate picture." And the problem with that is???

    If the comment provides an accurate picture I can't see why you are complaining.
    29th Oct 2016
    I was saying that reviews which are bad, very bad, often disappear. There is something wrong with that. Called giving the wrong idea.

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