How to speak like an Australian

Australians are famous for many things; our ability to drink, our sense of humour and, of course, our good ol’ Aussie slang.

Titled, How to speak Australian: Abbreviate Everything, this video is funny but true. Created by two Aussie blokes Josh and Rhys, the video hits the nail on the head when it comes to how we speak – simply shorten everything.

Quite possibly the closest we’ll ever get to an Australian language crash course, the video manages to cover almost every word you’ll ever need in just three minutes. Which is lucky because, as the guys point out at the beginning, Australians love a chat, but they don’t like it to drag on.

So, what do you think of this video? Has it missed any other key abbreviations? Why not share this with someone travelling to Australia soon. After all, it would be un-Australian not to give them a heads up.


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