8th Aug 2018

Travel Gadget: Leaving your travel plans to chance

Leave your travel plans to chance

Are you adventurous? Spontaneous? Or indecisive and introverted but trying to be more outgoing?


‘Do Something Dice’ could be perfect company while exploring abroad or even while wandering through your hometown.


Holidaying in a strange city can feel overwhelming, either because there are too many choices or because you don’t have enough knowledge of your surroundings. So why not leave it to chance?


Do Something Dice comprise four dice, each representing a different adventure category – Sights, Exercise, Food and Nightlife – designed to give you a full day of activity options. Don’t know if you want to go to the theatre or hunt down some live music? What kind of food do you want for dinner? It’s simple: roll the dice and whatever activity appears is a decision made.


Whether you’re always up to explore something new, or if you’re just testing your wings at more spontaneous exploration, these dice may just guide you on some new adventures and help you make new memories.


Buy yours at www.uncommongoods.com


Would you leave your holiday activities to chance?


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