Two smart tags that will ensure your luggage is never lost

Smart bag tags will ensure that your luggage is never lost.

Two smart tags that will ensure your luggage is never lost

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had the experience of losing luggage. More often than not, missing baggage is eventually found, but these smart tags will help ensure your luggage is never lost.

ReboundTAG Microchip Bag Tags contain radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips, near field communication (NFC) protocols, barcode and printed numbers that integrate with global baggage handling systems. Then, if your bag is located, it can be scanned by airline staff, who can then not only identify your luggage, but also view your itinerary. Or, if scanning technology is not available, they can type in your tag number on the ReboundTAG website, and the system will notify you where your bag is by text message or email.

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The SuperSmartTag also features a code that can be used to report your bag online. Simply register your code and add your contact details. Then if you lose you bag, you'll receive a text message, email or phone call informing you of its location. SuperSmartTag will then organise airport staff to forward your luggage to wherever you are or will be. And from A$19.95, including a three-year membership, it’s a low price for peace of mind. Oh, and you can buy them in all sorts of designs, from gaudy to gorgeous.

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Even if you can’t afford to buy one of these clever baggage tags, you should always ensure that you bag has sufficient identification. The one time I lost my bag was in LA. In the confusion of a cancelled flight, I picked up someone else’s bag that looked exactly like mine. I didn’t realise it until I got to my hotel at 2.30am. But because he and I both had sufficient ID on our luggage, we were able to avoid a travel disaster.

Have you ever lost your luggage? How did you deal with it?



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    15th Apr 2017
    My bag did not arrive at Manchester Airport (along with a number of other passengers) some years ago. After reporting the loss and being assured the bag would be forwarded to my destination 100 miles away in the Lake District, I continued my journey. The bag arrived that evening with a smile and profuse apologies from the driver!
    casper dude
    15th Apr 2017
    We didn't see our bag arrive in Toulouse in France on a late flight. We waited and waited on a certain carousel for it to arrive until all other baggage from our flight had been collected. By now the terminal seemed to be closing up, all staff gone and no one to ask. We wandered about in the deserted terminal until we saw someone. We told them our dilemma and he pointed to a very small door and said try in there. It looked like a staff only door. On opening the door to a single carousel only, there was our case all by itself going round and round. How it got there we don't know but we were very relieved indeed. Otherwise we have never lost any luggage on many flights world wide.
    16th Apr 2017
    all dependent upon one having to have a mobile
    23rd Apr 2017
    Yes tee, because everyone has one, and if you travel, you should have one.
    23rd Apr 2017
    I believe this is the best one:

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