Never use a hotel safe again

Meet Pacsafe’s Travel Safe, saving your valuables from thieving hands wherever you are.

Never use a hotel safe again

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her plane essentials include noise-cancelling headphones, a solid Spotify playlist, sleeping tablets, an eyemask and a large scarf that doubles as a blanket on cold flights – i.e. every night.

Hotel safes can only go so far, like your hotel room, for starters. Any traveller who has ever tried to keep valuables locked away only to find they either don’t fit in the safe, are locked in there when you forget your code, or are left behind, have discovered their shortcomings the hard way.

Thankfully, Pacsafe have come up with a portable alternative to hotel safes. While it may look lightweight and inconspicuous, their Travel Safe uses a patented 360 degrees eXomesh locking system to protect your valuables from would be thieves. Not only does the pouch lock close, it also features a wire to loop and attach to fixtures in your hotel room, all secured by a TSA accepted heavy-duty combination lock.

Simple to use, it’s perfect for your passport, jewellery, camera, tablet or phone with its padded EVA foam and soft polyester lining, not to mention water resistant design.

RRP: $110 from Bag World.

Are you a fan of the portable safe concept?



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    8th Apr 2017
    Wouldn't a pair of bolt cutters get through the wire?
    8th Apr 2017
    Good question
    8th Apr 2017
    Hotel maids, and opportunistic thieves don't usually have heavy, bulky bolt cutters about their person on a regular basis.

    But I agree, a hotel maid could hide her bolt cutters on her trolley. I will always check the maids trolleys from now on. They are often unattended in the hotel corridors.

    Nothing is 100% safe, and never will be. Nothing takes the place of taking care of your stuff, and always being vigilant.

    I don't like the idea of the TSA lock either. Who can get hold of those keys?

    As for passports, we are told over and over and over again, NEVER EVER LET YOUR PASSPORT OUT OF YOUR SIGHT.
    8th Apr 2017
    WEAR your valuables! Works for me!
    8th Apr 2017
    It still requires remembering a code so save your money and use the safe provided.

    8th Apr 2017
    It seems that the only thing different is the size, you still have to remember a combination and if you are prone to leaving valuables behind, you may also forget the security bag. As to remembering hotel passwords, more and more hotels and cruise ships have safes that use the door access card to open and close the room safe.
    1st Apr 2018
    I had one of these and lost the key to the lock. Needed to get my wallet out of it. I basically attacked it with a blunt knife and was able to force the wire webbing apart enough to get my bunched up wallet out

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