The gadget to hold all other gadgets

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No gadget in the world is useful unless it’s accessible. The ProCase Travel Gear Organiser is a lightweight and versatile accessories organiser to help you keep your gadgets safe and orderly. There’s no point bringing your favourite gadgets and tech along on your trip if they’re going to get lost in your suitcase.

This travel gear organiser is 43cms by 23cms when open and 11.5cms by 23cms when rolled up and weighs just 90 grams. It has one large and two small zipper pockets, six elastic bands, and three mesh and two open pockets. With its diverse range of pockets and straps, it can be used to store your tech, cosmetics or healthcare products.

It has a durable water-resistant nylon exterior and an elastic strap that you can use to hang up or to secure it closed. This is the ultimate gadget to hold all other gadgets.

Price: $11.99

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    False advertising . I liked this organiser, but when I clicked to buy… was $19.50 not the $11.99 as stated in article



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