Six whale-watching hot spots that will blow you away

Between May and November, the Pacific coast migration of humpback whales runs from south to north then back again as whales seek warmer waters to wait out the winter months.

Lake Macquarie has some of the best to view these magnificent mammals as they flip and frolic and with humpback sightings galore on offer it is important to know which locations offer the best opportunity for viewing.

Here are the six best locations in Lake Macquarie to get your stake out these majestic mammals.

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Redhead Bluff
Do not miss the incredible sights from Redhead Bluff, a rocky headland boasting views that reach across the ocean and south over Nine Mile Beach towards Blacksmiths Beach and Swansea – a prime spot that’s got the lot.

Awabakal Viewpoint
You will find the Awabakal Viewpoint along a walk through the Awabakal Nature Reserve from Dudley south through coastal heath and forest to Redhead.

The viewpoint itself offers panoramic views to the north and the walk is full of spectacular wildflowers between July and October.

A fantastic choice for whale watching, observing local birdlife and wildflower photography.

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Caves Beach Coastal Walk
A top spot for whale watching, the picturesque Caves Beach Coastal Walk – which crosses the clifftops south from Caves Beach to secluded Pinny Beach in the Wallarah National Park – is an easy walking trail, ideal for observing the northern migration.

The trail features plenty of lookouts where you can enjoy a closer view of the passing pods and, when you return to Caves Beach, be sure to check out the amazing sea caves that are perfect for exploring at low tide.

Ken and Audrey Owens Walk
A community-created coastal walkway through restored bushland, the Ken and Audrey Owens Walkway is split into two sections, with one direction taking in Redhead Lagoon and the other heading to Webb Park.

With a concrete and timber boardwalk suitable for wheelchairs and prams, this is a fabulous family friendly option for those keen to catch a glimpse of the whales in action from the easily accessible viewpoint in the Owens Walkway car park.

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The view from the sky
For an entirely different way to whale watch, Skyline Aviation operates helicopter joy flights departing from Lake Macquarie Airport and taking in the sights from Blacksmiths to Nobby’s Beach.

Along the way take in the stunning cliffs between Redhead around to Dudley and return via Charlestown and Lake Macquarie.

Up close and personal
For the ultimate up close and personal experience with migrating whales, hop aboard a whale-watching cruise with Nova Cruises to enjoy an unforgettable 2.5-hour voyage that provides plenty of opportunities to get close to playful dolphin pods, seabirds, seals and humpback whales.

In the unlikely event you don’t spot a whale, they will offer you another cruise free of charge. CoastXP also offers a nature-based immersion experience.

The tour gives its guests the opportunity to spot the magic migration between the months of June and November each year.

Have you ever watched the Pacific coast migration of humpback whales? Where did you go to watch?

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Written by Ben