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Brenda, an AboutSeniors subscriber, is lucky enough to be heading off to Hawaii soon but she doesn’t want to get caught out by the changes to US immigration.

Q. Brenda
I hope you can help me. Two friends and I are booked to travel to Hawaii for two weeks from the 20 February, 2009.

I read somewhere that since 1 January, 2009 travellers to the USA now need to get a number before they can travel. This is supposed to be free of charge.

However looking on the web, and I caught a representative from the US Embassy speaking on Channel 7 news last night saying it was best to apply on line, I find that there is a charge of $49.00.

This was advertised by a company called, an independent U.S. Travel Authorisation Service Provider.

How it is possible to get the supposedly free number, I do not know. Can you help please?

A. Answered by Drew
Hi Brenda,

I recently traveled to America myself and did the “beta test” so to speak.
I have checked the web and found this link:

It came off the US. Customers and Border protection website here:

I believe this is the correct link for you, and is free!
To find out more information about traveling overseas, visit the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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