Stay healthy when travelling

Just because you are on holiday, there is no reason to slip into bad habits.

Stay healthy when travelling

When on holiday your normal routines and good habits, such as going to the gym and eating a balanced diet, tend to go out the window. But it is actually not too difficult to stay fit and healthy and avoid slipping into bad habits while you are away from home.

Once you arrive at your destination, get some exercise by taking a walking tour. Many cities offer free guided walking tours such as in Sydney or Melbourne. Alternatively, do some research before you depart for your trip and find some self-guided walks of your destination, you can download maps from the internet and plan your route before you leave. Sites such as or are worth investigating. And don’t forget good old Google, where you can even take the walk on screen before you get there.

If you’re on a budget, instead of spending money on buses or trains, why not walk between the sights you are visiting? Apart from the obvious health benefits and money savings, you’ll also really see, smell and sense a lot more than you would from a bus or train window.

Pack your running shoes and bathers. If your accommodation offers the use of a gym or swimming pool, take the opportunity to make the most of the facilities. There is no better way to start the day than with a little exercise, you will feel much more energised for a day of sightseeing ahead.

If you are travelling on a budget, most campgrounds and caravan parks have a decent-sized pool you can use for free. Many hostels too have agreements with nearby recreation centres and gyms where you can swim, if not for free, then definitely cheaply.

Eat healthily by shopping at local farmers markets. Stock up on fresh, local produce and enjoy the seasonal vegetables and fruits available. Try and avoid unhealthy foods, just because you are on holiday it is not an excuse to order every fatty, sugary item on the menu. Travelling can be strenuous and healthy food will supply the energy you need, unlike junk food, which often can cause mood swings and sugar lows.

Do you have any healthy travel tips to share? Let us know.


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