The carry-on that won’t crush your clothes

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With the rate at which carry-on luggage is constantly evolving, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. While carry-on suitcases render checked baggage unnecessary, there are obvious shortcomings when it comes to travelling with additional clothes or items that don’t fold or roll well in regular carry-on luggage.

The ultimate carry-on, the SkyRoll Spinner may look like a standard carry-on suitcase but incorporates a garment bag for longer or more formal clothes. Rather than taking up space in the suitcase itself, this then wraps around the exterior of the bag, adding additional capacity.

With a dedicated internal laptop or tablet sleeve and matching toiletries kit, simply pack as you usually would, placing any delicate or longer garments in the hang bag. Once you’ve closed your case, lie the hang bag flat on the bed and wrap around the suitcase before securing with the three clips at the end.

With consistent five-star reviews, the SkyRoll Spinner isn’t exactly cheap, but it is cost effective, when you consider all the checked baggage fees you’ll avoid in future!

RRP: US$299 from SkyRoll – sadly, not available in Australia yet but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

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    which airline was this carry on bag designed for, are their actually room for passengers, I could pack my house in that thing, and there is no way that bag weighs 7kg loaded the way it was shown, and here I was getting all excited

  2. 0

    Please dont do posts like this if its not relevant to Australia. Australian airlines both domestic and international have very strict rules on measurements and weight. Be thorough when doing articles like this and include this information. I also followed the link and the bag itself weighs half or more of the total weight allowance before packing anything in it!! Come on Your Life Choices…. some of your articles are getting silly.

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    I just get more and more irritated by the emphasis on carry on luggage these days. Be real…..and i am sick of trying to find space on the already crowded plane for my realistic carry on stuff because of lazy people who want to bring their wardrobe on board because they can’t be bothered to wait at a carousel . Its part of plane travel to be realistic about luggage. If this is a problem don’t fly.

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    This bag looks too big for carry on, also I would be concerned about having good clothes in the outside roll, in case something happened to them, eg liquid got spilt on it or the bag was somehow damaged despite being only carry on.

  5. 0

    It is important to note that this is a bag sold in the US for Americans.

    Elsewhere in the world, a 4.5kg bag is useless for carry on, as you will exceed the 7kg weight limit on most airlines. The weight limit is not so critical in the US. They are more concerned with the size, not the weight. If you can lift it, fine. I have just returned from the US, using only a carry on bag. My bag was weighed only once, and that was by Virgin Australia in Los Angeles for the flight home. As I was travelling business class on this trip, I was allowed 2 bags each of 7kgs. I just needed to move a couple of things to a spare bag I keep for emergencies. Delta, the airline I used in the US, never once weighed my bag.

    That said, I have noticed on many trips over the years, that weighing bags is a hit or miss thing. Airlines won’t enforce their own rules, which is why we end up with these sxxt fights over space for bags, and all the other junk people cart onboard, especially women I am sorry to say. Americans are unbelievable with what they take on board!

    As for the debate about carry on, well I now travel with carry on only. I take one wheelie bag which weighs 1.5kg, along with a small shoulder bag with my tablet, charger, cables, headphones, kindle etc. I was away 10 days in the US, and still came home with clothes I did not wear. I should point out that I take a few things that match, so I get a variety of combinations, wear the heaviest things on the plane, wash as I go, and don’t need anything remotely formal. I cannot afford to eat in, or go to places where “good” clothes are required. Contrast that with my travels years ago when I used to always have between 35 and 40kgs of luggage. It was just madness, and made travel very hard.

    Beside the fact that I just do not need a new set of clothes for every day I am away, I can no longer manage luggage, especially as I have a walking stick so only one handed. This trip to the US was a breeze, with a light weight, 4 wheel carry on, I could breeze through airports etc, no hanging around, easy to use buses, public transport, etc.

    • 0

      Unlike you johninmelb, we are not seasoned travellers and you are to be congratulated on the ability to reduce your luggage to a sensible size and weight. I’m sure that it took a lot of trips to achieve this. Like you I get pi**ed off with what people are allowed to lug onto a plane and call it “hand luggage”. One of particular note was a backpack that was about 1.5m in length and took up the space where three acceptable hand luggage items could have fitted. The frame at the gate that should be used to determine the size of hand luggage is used as a footrest, nothing more.



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