An essential item to take onboard your next flight

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Not only is a scarf a stylish accessory that dresses up a plain old black jumper and jeans, they’re also an essential item to take onboard your next flight.

Those planes can get mighty cold at night. And if you’re sitting next to a passenger who just has to have the air blowing over them at all times, well, a scarf can certainly soften the ‘blow’, so to speak.

This infinity scarf is not just a soft and warm warmer-upper. Beneath its stylish surface hides a secret u-shaped, inflatable travel pillow that’s barely noticeable until you put it to your lips and blow.

What unfolds is a fully functional travel pillow that’s adjustable to your preferred hardness/softness ratio (i.e. blow a little for soft and a lot for hard).

Lightweight and compact, the travel infinity scarf is a must for your next flight, or maybe even for those long train or car rides (as long as you’re not the driver).

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Do you always travel with a scarf?

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    Its also a weapon. Amazed its allowed.



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