The only travel power adaptor you'll ever need

The Skross MUV World Travel Power Adaptor is the only one you'll ever need.

The only travel power adaptor you'll ever need

If you're tired of traipsing around the globe with a plethora of power adaptors, then this neat little travel gadget is for you.

The Skross MUV World Travel Power Adaptor is a handy dual USB charger and 2.1A output power adaptor which, at 5cm x 5cm, is not only compact and versatile, but also compatible in 220 countries.

Plug in your devices safely and securely by sliding out the required plug for your destination. You can also charge your devices using the dual USB ports at the same time as you power, or charge, your electronic device.

This practical power adaptor is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, shavers, camcorders, electrical toothbrushes, portable gaming devices and more. Although, you should check your devices’ power requirement before purchase or use. If a greater load or 3-pole is required, check out the Skross Pro+ model.

The Skross MUV World Travel Power Adaptor is available at

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    28th Jan 2017
    Add from the sponsor.
    I have seen such devices advertised on Ebay where they are cheap. Personally I have only needed adaptors for North America and Europe. Three in total and we take the ones we need depending on where we go. It works and no real hassle.
    28th Jan 2017
    God, you're such a cynic Mick. YES, you can buy them cheaper on eBay but the ones on eBay may not have as good a build quality and probably will not be able to deliver 2.1 amps at the USB port. Most times, you get what you pay for!
    Nan Norma
    28th Jan 2017
    England has different than America and Europe.

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