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For all the smart technology we have in the world today, there are some areas that desperately need attention. Namely, neck pillows.

No matter how good they promise to be, when it comes down to it they always seem to let you down – sometimes quite literally if they are of the inflatable variety. Thankfully sleepless journeys could be a nightmare of the past thanks to the genius Australians behind FaceCradle.

While on first glance it may look like a regular neck pillow, in reality it is much, much more. With five sleeping settings you can choose from Dozing Mode, Snoozing Mode, Table Nap Mode, and Deep Sleep facing front or side ways. Simply attach the harness support around the headrest, adjust to the desired set-up and away you doze.


Made of hypoallergic memory foam, the pillow is reinforced with an internal glass filled nylon frame and the brushed velvet cover is removable and machine washable. Coming in its own convenient carrycase, the whole weight of FaceCradle is only 0.72 kilograms and is not factored into your carry-on allowance on flights.

Australian entrepreneurs and travellers, David Scrimshaw and Roz Ruwhiu, designed FaceCradle based on the way people typically sleep in bed. A game-changing factor, Scrimshaw explained.

“Believe it or not, there are about 30 million neck pillows sold each year in the global market, but all of them are based on supporting the traveler’s head in a vertical position – which is not how we normally we sleep … and is also why they really aren’t effective,” he said.

With rave reviews, FaceCradle was launched using crowd funding platform Kickstarter and has already raised almost $649,000 from more than 9000 backers.

Inviting customers to “upgrade to sleeping class”, could this be the neck pillow we have all been dreaming about?

RRP: from $39.00 at Kickstarter.

What do you think of this design? Do you care how you look sleeping on a plane or do you just want to get some shuteye?

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    Just waiting to buy one. Your link is still the pledge sight. Are they not in production yet?

  2. 0

    Rosret, these are already in production, I have ordered 2 as I think they are great. I will receive mine in October.
    If you go to the site & make a pledge you will receive it well before they hit the stores. You will receive it in November. There is less than an hour left to pledge though, so you will need to be quick, hope this helps.

  3. 0

    There is one other travel pillow that works well & supports your head, on my last long haul flight I slept for 6 hours straight. It is called a Jetsleeper, made from cotton & fully washable.

    • 0

      The one you bought Sunshine seems a lot easier to pack when travelling and from the comments it appears quite good. I have two travel pillows which I have not as yet used but I dont think they will be any good. I think they come too high up around the head. Mine are Caveau Evolution travel pillows; get a good write up but having tried sitting in chair at home I think they will not work for me anyway.



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