The smart wallet that will make wallet and phone theft history

The Volterman Smart Wallet will make wallet and phone theft history.

man with a volterman smart travel wallet

The Volterman Smart Wallet is the greatest wallet ever made – and quite possibly the greatest travel gadget ever conceived.

Don’t believe me? Then checkout this list of features:

  • embedded power bank
  • distance alarm system
  • global GPS tracking system
  • worldwide wifi hotspot
  • thief-detection camera.

Want more proof? It will protect you against data theft, ensure that you never forget your wallet or have it stolen and can even charge your smart device. Oh, and the personal wifi hotspot will save you heaps of money on insane global roaming charges.

volterman travel wallet

If you lose your wallet, it immediately goes into ‘Lost Mode’, and when found, will take a photo anyone who opens it and email the image via email to you. The GPS tracker works worldwide, and the in-built RFID protection secures your credit cards against data reading and identity theft.

Check out this video then tell me you don’t want one!

Where can you get one? Well, the Volterman Smart Wallet is in the throes of an Indiegogo crowdfunding extravaganza. You can head to the crowdfunding website and order yours for half the price it will retail once it’s mass produced.

The wallet is compatible with iOS and Android devices, is super stylish and comes in three formats: Cardholder, Bifold and Travel.

Order yours at Indigogo and receive it by December 2017.

What do you think of this travel gadget? Would you want one for everyday use?



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    26th Aug 2017
    FYI, I have looked at this website and delivery is February 2018.
    26th Aug 2017
    Very pretty little video. In real life the thief would either stab you or assault you when you approached him.

    27th Aug 2017
    Waste of money
    28th Aug 2017
    agree with Raphael - waste of money !!
    13th Jun 2019
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