Top 10 planning websites

As Winston Churchill once said, “Let your advance worrying become advance thinking and planning”. Planning may seem like just one more chore, but a robust plan can help you achieve your goals quickly and with minimum fuss.

The internet is the most useful planning tool there is, but which sites offer the best information for your needs? YOURLifeChoices has scoured the web for the top sites to help you plan important life stages as well as the more mundane day-to-day tasks which still need to be scheduled.

There are sites to help you plan a round-the-world-trip or a trip to a neighbouring suburb, ensure you get the funeral you want and survive major home renovations.  You can keep track of what you’re eating day-to-day, get your new life started or help your son or daughter plan their wedding day.

Plan your round-the-world trip
Trying to plan a round-the-world trip on any given airline’s website can be difficult – if the airline doesn’t fly to that destination, your planning comes unstuck. Using Indie you can get an idea of the route you want to take before searching the best price for your journey.

Plan your journey
Whether you’re heading to you local store, across Australia, or between destinations in a foreign country, you would be hard pushed to find a better resource for getting directions than Google Maps.

Plan your funeral
Not the cheeriest of topics, but if you have a certain idea about the type of funeral you want you will need to convey these wishes. Although this is a US site, there are ideas on how to choose music, write letters to your loved ones, write your own obituary and store and upload memorable photos.

Planning your child’s wedding
The moment you’ve been waiting for, or dreading, your son or daughter comes home and tells you they’re getting married. How do you help them plan their perfect day with taking over? What order does the ceremony take? Who should make a speech? And who pays for what?

Planning your home renovation
If you’ve lived in your home for a while, or have just downsized, there may be some changes you’re planning to make. Find out how to set a budget, get quotes and set a schedule of work to ensure you’re not stuck with half-finished work.

Planning your retirement
Whether you’re looking at the financial aspects of your retirement, or the practicalities and emotional aspects of heading in to retirement, there’s a lot involved and you can never have too much simplified information.

Planning your budget
Most people live within a budget and some are more restrictive than others. Understanding how much money you have coming in and where it goes is key to financial success on a small or grand level.

Plan your meals
Planning your meals not only makes shopping easier, but it can also help you stick to a healthy eating plan. There are many planning tools available online and the one from Blackmores is one of the best. You can chose what you wish to have for each meal from several options and it will provide you with the recipe and calorie count for that meal. Simply print and you have your week’s meals in front of you.

Plan your week
When you’re busy or have a lot of appointments to manage, it’s easy to let one slip through the cracks. Planning your week allows you to factor in travelling time between appointments and put time aside to do the things you enjoy.

Plan your new life
At some point in time, most of us will decide to have a career change or do something different with our lives. While deciding what you want to do may be easy, actually knowing how to do it can be a stumbling block. Get a new life is a handy resource to help you make the necessary changes.