When to replace your suitcase

Andrew is a fan of the theory if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but his family doesn’t agree.


Q. Andrew
My wife and kids are constantly giving me grief about my old suitcases (I have had them for 25 years), but even though they are getting tatty and don’t look as shiny and new as some of the newer ones I see going around on the luggage carousel, I still find myself attached to them. Now they are threatening to buy me a new set for my birthday. How can I convince them that I don’t need any of the fancy new suitcases and let me stick with my old faithful ones?

A. If your suitcase is just suffering from a few scuff and frayed edges, you can probably get by using it, but if it is falling apart at the seams or being held together by duct tape, I am probably on your family’s side in this argument.

The newer suitcases are not just about looking better on the way to the airport, they also make things easier for your body as your travel. If your wheels are constantly jamming up or the handle has stopped working, you are probably doing more work than you need to when lugging your belongings around.

As your body ages you might find that a newer suitcase will make things much easier for you.

If you find your back, wrist, or shoulder aching after you’ve been lugging your suitcase around for a while, it’s time to find a bag that works better for your body.

Spinner suitcases provide much more relief for travellers with back pain than the two-wheeled bags that you drag behind you. With regard to your onboard luggage, making sure your case is as light as possible will help you when loading it into the overhead lockers.

The newer lightweight suitcases will also allow you to fit more luggage and souvenirs into your baggage without exceeding airline weight limits.

If none of the above applies to you, feel free to ignore our advice, but why not let your family spoil you for your birthday? You deserve it.

Do you refuse to update your luggage? How old are your suitcases?

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