Where to find the best package deals

Carole wants to know where are the best places to look for travel deals.


Q. Carole
I really appreciate the section of your site that you dedicate to the best travel deals for the week and have used these a few times myself. Aside from the one deal a week you offer as the best, I wondered if you could point me in the direction of some of the places where you go hunting when looking for the best package deals as I would like to be able to find them myself.

A. Thanks for the feedback Carole. There are quite a few sites that I search through when looking for the best deal, and some others are offered to us to share directly by travel partners with good deals to push.

One of the first places I look is Flight Centre Exclusives. As one of Australia’s most trusted travel agents, I find this site really useful for finding both great domestic deals and prices on international travel. Some of the deals on offer include discounts of more than 50 per cent, and they are often hard to beat. The best part is that you are able to tailor Flight Centre packages to suit your individual situation, easily adding more deals at a cheap price, beyond a fixed price deal.

Another really great site to look at is luxuryescapes.com. While the deals on offer here can be a little more expensive than the Flight Centre deals, the offers are great value for money and provide a genuine luxury experience. Most of the offers on Luxury Escapes feature prices with or without flights, allowing you the option of seeing if you can find cheaper flights yourself, if you don’t want to lock into their package. They also offer price points for different nights and levels of luxury, allowing you to see the prices for all, which is unique among package deal sites.

Groupon.com.au often has deals so cheap they are difficult to ignore. I have seen some trips offered here at 70 per cent off what you would be able to find if you were booking a package yourself. These deals are often only available for a very limited time, which means, with their short shelf life, I am not always able to use them in the travel deal section of Saturday’s newsletter. If you are looking for great deals, you are certain to find some here. They offer both international and domestic deals, and many of the international deals are for destinations fairly close to Australia (the Pacific or Southeast Asia).

Where do you go when looking for good package deals?

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