10 ways to travel for less

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Making your travel budget go further is one way to ensure a better and longer trip. These 10 tips will put a little extra spending money in your pocket.

Share a hobby
Whether it’s birdwatching or trainspotting, if you have a particular hobby or pastime, use it to connect with people the world over. Many would be happy to host you should you decide to visit.

Last minute tickets
Whether it’s a show on Broadway, London’s West End or a Las Vegas casino spectacular, don’t pay full price for your ticket. There are many agencies that offer last minute or returned tickets for a fraction of the cost.

Limit your space
If you’re planning a journey that requires a hire car, book the smallest car possible. There’s no point paying for space you don’t need.

Choose your flying day wisely
According to Mashable.com, it’s cheaper to fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which makes sense as these are not typical business flying days.

Travel in a group
Not only is travelling with friends fun, it is also one way to save money. Several airlines, cruise companies and tour operators will offer special rates for those travelling in a group of 10 or more.

Eat early
Many restaurants offer specials for those who don’t mind eating early, or you could ask if they do a special pre-theatre menu, which is usually cheaper than the standard menu.

Don’t pay fees
Most booking websites now offer a ‘no booking fee’, but you may pay fees in other ways. Check how much you will pay to use your credit card, or for any changes you need to make.

Don’t pay to access your money
Foreign transaction fees can quickly erode your holiday-spending money, so it pays to shop around for the best option. Check with your bank how much it charges you to access your money overseas and consider a pre-paid travel card, or a credit card especially designed for travellers.

Walk for free
Many locals are happy to offer guided walking tours around their town or city and will often do so for free. Ask at your accommodation, tourist information centre or try a simple Google search.

Sign up for specials
If you know you’re planning to travel soon, sign up for e-newsletters from the top travel sites, or keep your eyes open for specials on YourLifeChoices.

Do you have any travel money-saving tips of your own? Why not share in our comments section below?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    This article states – “There are many agencies that offer last minute or returned tickets for a fraction of the cost”. Are you serious? Name 1 agency who does this. There is usually only 1 ticket seller and the ‘last minute’ ticket price for every Fleetwood Mac concert was inflated to about 1K – nearly 10 time the original price of the ticket. I don’t think this article is based on reality.

  2. 0

    Being single, I am finding that planning a holiday very difficult. The single supplement is exhorbitant. I’ve even seen instances that the amount charged for a single is more than for a couple. All deals advertised are for ppts. Bit hard when you no longer have a husband. Foe example, the single age pension is a little more than half of a couple, but the charge for accomodation on tour is double the price.

    • 0

      Golden Oldie, yes, it really bugs me as a widow that I have to pay so much more if I travel on my own, which I often have to. Also, I think all travel websites should include single prices along with the per person price, saves a lot of time!

  3. 0

    Pretty fluffy Debbie.

  4. 0

    Generally find it doesnt matter what hire car you request……We’ve always got what was available that day. Has happened 3 times now in 3 different countries.
    In most places its often possible to buy bus/train tickets for multi days at a time and use as often as wanted. Always works out cheaper.



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