Best way to see New Zealand

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Rachel and her friends would like to know the best way to see New Zealand. YOURLifeChoices Savvy Traveller advises if it’s best to join a tour or go it alone.

Q. Rachel
My friends and I would like to see as much of New Zealand as possible but are unsure whether to hire a van and do it ourselves, which is obviously cheaper than a guided holiday. Would we see as much doing it ourselves or is a guided holiday worth saving for?

A. Provided by Savvy Traveller
Rachel, it sounds like there are at least three people travelling together, which would certainly make a do-it-yourself journey cheaper than a guided tour. Provided you have ample time, you’d also see more, with more time to enjoy what you see.

New Zealand is well set up for independent travellers, with a great selection of campsites and holiday parks, often in prime coastal or lakeshore locations. “Another benefit of travelling in a fully-contained campervan is that there are over 500 freedom camping sites which don’t cost a thing,” adds Andrew Morgan, director of GlobalCARS, a company that specialises in motorhome rentals worldwide.

Andrew says you could hire a basic campervan with unlimited kilometres through GlobalCARS for two weeks in September starting at $319. If you go for a larger and more comfortable Fiat Campervan, prices start from $950, which is still a bargain when divided among three people.


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