House sitting – is it for me?

Kristine and her partner Geoff both think so. If you’ve considered house sitting but are not sure of the process, or if it’s for you, let Kristine and Geoff’s experience be your inspiration.

Kristine 52, and partner Geoff, both from Sydney, NSW, Australia, had a wonderful retreat in a beautiful large villa on the Island of Mallorca, secured within a couple of weeks of joining Caring for four dogs, two cats and a few ducks and chickens, the owners, in return, let them have the use of their car. This gave them plenty of opportunities to explore the island, take part in the local festivals and discover the wonderful local food markets.

With their next assignment booked for Lorgues, near Draguignan in the most beautiful part of the south of France, they’re both looking forward to looking after a beautiful property with a pool and grounds. Although given that there is a gardener and housekeeper thrown in, it will only be the two lovely cats and the cute small dog that needs their attention, leaving them plenty of time to use the car provided before returning to Sydney. 

But what makes Kristine and Geoff so suited to house sitting? Here’s what Kristine has to say:
My partner Geoff and I are both artists and our base is Sydney Australia. I was born in France and migrated to Sydney 21 years ago. I graduated from one of the top French business schools in 1981 (EM Lyon) and started a corporate life in Sydney. However, I changed direction in 1999, when I returned to art school for three years, as a fine art student in Sydney. Geoff was born in Sydney and is now fluent in French. He also holds a British passport, which allows him to spend unlimited time in Europe. He started in life as a lawyer in Sydney, but gave it up after five years to pursue an art practice. He has been teaching art at Sydney University and various art institutions in Sydney to support his art practice.

We have been sharing life and our passion for art and travel over the last 10 years and, although we both love Sydney, we enjoy living in different places to fuel our inspiration.

Over the past five years, we have traveled a lot, producing work in Italy, working and exhibiting in France and Vietnam, as well as visiting many other countries including China, India, Morocco, Cambodia, Chile, Bolivia, Belize and the cities of London and New York.

House sitting experience
We joined in December 2011 and immediately secured a one-month posting on the island of Mallorca. Since we were going to be in Mallorca during the month of February, we decided to concentrate our search for the month of March in Spain and given the number of offers in the area of Malaga, it was not difficult to secure another assignment there. We loved everything about our assignment: first of all the loving animals, but also the country lifestyle, with the great comfort of this huge Mallorcan villa. Thanks to our hosts for giving us the use of their car, so we could discover the local markets and festivals. We can’t wait for our next assignment in France.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart