How to pack for weeks in a carry-on bag

Pack for a two-month holiday in a carry-on 22 inch suitcase and a small backpack

Discover how to pack for a two-month holiday in a carry-on 22inch suitcase and a small backpack with this practical how-to video.


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    14th Dec 2012
    21 lbs, that is 9.3 kg. That is more than you are allowed for a carry on !!! Max is 7 kg.
    21st Aug 2016
    Jetstar is 7 kg.
    16th Dec 2012
    12:54pm favourite subject..travelling! I have already mastered the art of packing light, mainly due to the exorbitant additional charges! It can be done, people! Different airlines have different weight allowances for carryon, so make sure you check first.
    East of Toowoomba
    20th Jan 2014
    I will definately be doing this for our next trip. I thought rolling your clothes was the best way but I am now converted.
    22nd Jan 2014
    I agree, rolling clothes makes them bulky except you can squeeze underwear around the outer edges
    22nd Jan 2014
    I agree, rolling clothes makes them bulky except you can squeeze underwear around the outer edges

    10th May 2014
    Yes, I can see it would work for some people but not for me. I could not stand having to take all that apart every time I wanted something and you dont always want to hang everything up if you are on the move every day or so. Rolling is fine with me and I can see at an instant on most occasions what I want out of my case. I find when I travel that I pack as much of the non crush clothes as I can in my carry on bag. I can easly roll up about 10 tops that way in my carry on bag as well as my underwear and a nightie. I pack my slacks, shoes and other items in my other suitcase which goes through as checked baggage. I could not be bothered struggling with any more than a carry on bag and a small handbag.
    13th May 2016
    The video does not come up on my computer screen!
    Help please
    casper dude
    17th May 2016
    I don't appear to have the video either!
    25th May 2016
    No video to view... what is wrong here????
    19th Jun 2016
    Where's the video? Removed ??
    27th Jul 2016
    I'm 66 now I wonder if I'll reach the age 80 and above... but anyway I'll dread the day if that will happen to me... maybe I should keep working till my day comes with my boots on. I guess !

    28th Aug 2016
    The video is definitely it once and if it does not come up click again...that is what I did.
    26th May 2018
    This is for a 2 day weekend and not 2 months!
    9th Dec 2018
    The technique is fine for most things however if you are a male then just taking an extra pair of shoes cuts the 7kg allowance down a bit. Pity that these type of information videos are gender based.

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