Interstate transport concessions

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Rob is taking six months to drive around Australia but to give him a break, he enjoys travelling by public transport now and again. Thanks to interstate travel concessions, this is now more affordable, but how can he find out how much he can save?

Q. Rob

I will be driving around Australia over the next six months and when I get to each different state, I like to make a journey or two on the local Train/Bus/Ferry system. What I need to know is what price a pensioner would have to pay in each state? I know Queensland is half price, but what about the other States? Where would I find out such information?

A. Travelling around Australia is a terrific way to see the best of this great country and thanks to the Nationwide Seniors Transport Concession, accessing public transport at concession fares is possible wherever you go. To find out what discounts are offered by each state and territory, click the link below to our article on the Nationwide Seniors Transport Concession.