Money-saving fuel tips

When planning a self-drive holiday, factoring in the cost of fuel can make it seem unaffordable. These simple tips will help you reduce your spend on fuel.

Don’t hit the gas
Smooth acceleration and less breaking will help you reduce your fuel usage.

Drive in the correct gear
Don’t drive further than you need to in a lower gear. If you hear your car start to rev, it’s time to change gears. Keep engine revs below 3000rpm

Drive at the optimum speed
Small cars are most efficient around 70km/h but larger cars can travel a little faster.

Be traffic aware
When approaching traffic lights slow down and you may not have to stop.

Don’t idle
Modern engines don’t need time to warm up when you first start them. Arrange your seat, mirrors and fasten your seatbelt before witching on your ignition. Also, if you’re sitting for more than 45 seconds, switch off your engine.

Consider the air conditioning
Do you really need the air conditioning on? Where possible simply open your window and let the natural breeze cool you down.

Is your tyre pressure right?
Driving with the wrong tyre pressure can create more resistance and use more fuel.

Ditch the cheaper fuel
Use the correct grade of fuel recommended by the manufacturer. While this may seem more expensive at the bowser, it will improve the running of your vehicle and save you in the long run.

Shop around
Find the best priced fuel from websites such as

Fill up in larger towns and cities.
If you’re travelling around, try to avoid filling up in small villages, as this is often the most expensive fuel. Look to larger towns which may have two petrol stations competing with each other to offer the best price.

Written by Debbie McTaggart